Point Fengris

A shadowport located inside of the comet Resh 9376, it has long been a safe haven for pirates, smugglers, and any other elements of the criminal background. It is run entirely by criminal organizations that make up the Point Fengris Council, led mainly by the Anjiliac Clan of Hutts.

The party traveled here on their mission to track down Barin Trevina.

Point Fengris

The first thing you need to get into your head is that this place doesn’t exist. There is no Point Fengris. It’s all a pipe dream cooked up by smugglers and spice junkies with wild imaginations. You need to forget about it, forget you even heard the name because the next person you speak it to may put a blaster bolt through your gut.

Climate: Temperate/Controlled
Gravity: 13% Standard (Surface), Standard (artificial interior)
Moons: None
Length of Day: 24 Standard hours
Length of Year: 7,241 local years

Population: Approximately 4,000
Sapient Species: 40% Human, 8% Twi’lek, 6% Toydarian,
4% Rodian, 2% Houk, 40% Other Species

Government: Point Fengris Council
Illegal goods, information, narcotics, slaves, weapons
Major Imports: Foodstuffs, illegal goods, information, medicines, technology

Point Fengris

Rogues of Point Fengris Zeram