Grymm Sha-doe

Sniping Pilot


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As far back as I can remember, I have always been on a ship. I never knew my home world or my people, although I have heard stories of them. Before I was born, my parents decided to become merchants for the highest payer. They would transport all different kinds of cargo, some legal, some not so much. They didn’t care what was being transported as long as they got paid. Everything was going great until they found out that my mother was pregnant with me. They tried to keep it under wraps, but one of the crew got drunk and let it slip while on leave. From that point forward, nobody wanted to hire my parents for fear that the pregnancy would get in the way of the deliveries that needed to get done. Even after I was born, we struggled to find work. It wasn’t until I was able to prove myself worthy as a pilot that we started getting the high paying jobs again.
It was on one of these jobs that I lost my parents. We had just picked up our cargo and were headed for the drop off point when we were ambushed by ‘bandits’. These were typical bandits, they had top of the line military equipment and training. This was a military team, out to stop us from delivering the package, dressed as bandits so it didn’t look like the government was involved. As I was piloting our way through an asteroid field to try and shake them off of our tail, a second ship appeared from behind a large asteroid, it had been a trap. My parents fearing for my life, forced me into the secret life pod we had on board. This particular pod was designed so that if the ship were to blow up, it would just appear to be a piece of debris floating off, while concealing any life signs contained within. The next thing I felt was the rumble of the ship exploding.
From that day, I have gone from planet to planet offering my piloting services to anyone who needs them, while saving up to buy my own ship. Today I found myself in Mos Eisley receiving a letter from a Hutt, Prello the Hutt to be exact. All I have been told is that they are in need of my piloting skills and to be at a set place at a set time.

Grymm Sha-doe

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