Rogues of Point Fengris

Session One

The Campaign Begins!

Our group found themselves brought to the planet Tattooine for reasons of their own and aspirations of gaining reputation and fortune. In the spaceport of Mos Eisley, they met each other at the townhouse of Prello the Hutt, who had a job for them to undertake. Prello’s favorite thief, a Balosar named Barin Trevina, had gone missing while seeking an artifact known as The Fell Star. If the group brings Barin back safely it’ll earn them 1,500 credits each, plus another 1,500 each for returning with the Fell Star.

Their only lead takes them to the apartment Barin shared with his cousin Olev Trevina, where they encounter a group of thugs shaking him down for information. During the conflict, Omada gets shot in the right ear cone and becomes deafened on that side. Olev reveals the name of a contact and a code cylinder to a security box at a local storage facility, and the group moves on.

An explosive encounter unfolds at the storage facility as the group disposes of another pair of thugs, with destructive results. The security box reveals a set of star coordinates and a single name: ‘Fengris’.

Moving onto their next lead at the cantina known as the Woodoo Dunes, the group questions Cel N’ero about his affiliation and whereabouts of Barin. A group of junkies on a bender interfere with the interrogation and are quickly dispatched. N’ero tells Omada after some convincing that Barin has fled to Point Fengris on the Mad Line, and will say no more as people tend to die after talking about the place.

After checking in with Prello, she bids them to return to her, where she informs them about Point Fengris and warns them to tell none of its existence. She gives them transponder codes that allow them to land safely at the shadowport and tell the security detail that they are on business for Prello the Hutt. She sells them a spaceship of their own on a loan, promising that once this job and a future mission they complete are finished, the loan will be forgiven.

Point Fengris proves to be a lavish, expensive and chaotic place indeed. The group actually beats the Mad Line to Point Fengris and decide to explore with the extra time they have before the freighter arrives. Notable encounters during this time are Kaatel running into some trouble from a case of mistaken identity and is contacted by a mysterious contact for a meeting, and Grymm Sha-doe runs into a Transdoshan bounty hunter who was looking for him and gets caught, but is saved by Valin Trask.



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